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Gastric botox is a method of losing weight by injecting a “Botulinum toxin” to the particular regions of the stomach by endoscopic method without any surgical intervention.

(Botulinum toxic, botox, in short, is a neurotoxic protein that is generated by clostridium botulinum bacteria and the related species. This method brings a limit to the contraction of the stomach muscles. Through the restriction, the evacuation time of the stomach delays and a feeling of fullness occurs in the patient. This method which is developed by Norvegian scientists during the 2000s is spread around our country too over the years.

The amount of applied botox varies from person to person. With the gastric botox method, the stomachs of the individuals begin to decrease and weight loss occur for a length of time.

The reason for this method become common is that it can be applied in a short time without the need for surgical intervention.

The most important issue that the treated patients should pay attention to is that not go out of the dietary lists given by the bariatric dietitian who is specialized in these treatments because the gastric botox operation lose weight based on the calorie restriction, it is required not to cheat and eating properly as stated in the given diet.

Another issue that should not be forgotten is that if treated patients go out of the rules, an increase in the munchies and congestion may occur depending on the eaten food.

This may affect the rate of weight loss between the follow-ups. Finally, the gastric botox operation is quite a successful and satisfying treatment method as long as it is performed by suitable hands with correct techniques and the subsequent nutritional rules are obeyed.

To Whom Is The Stomach (Gastric) Botox Is Applied?

Since gastric botox is applied without surgery it is a method that can be applied to everyone. Gastric botox is a method that is applied to individuals who have weight loss difficulty or can not keep under control their weight due to their genetic or other health problems.

This method can be applied to the individuals who Meets the particular criteria. Although there is not any age limit for treatment operation, experts prefer that the patients aged above 18.

Before applying the gastric botox, firstly exercises and dietary lists with natural and healthy methods are given to the patients. The gastric botox is applied to patients who can not lose weight with these lists and have body mass index above 25 and under 35.

For severe obesity patients, this method does not work well so it is not suggested.
In ulcer, gastritis and duodenum diseases, firstly these diseases in the stomach are treated. Then, the gastric botox operation can be applied.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Gastric Botox?

Some doctors think that gastric botox may develop side effects even a little.

The side effects of gastric botox are as follows: cardiac dysrhythmia, respiratory depression, heart attack, neurologic effects and gastric perforation.

However, when the medicine literatüre is examined, it is seen that gastric botox has no side effect since it is applied without surgical cuts and it affects only the working of the stomach smooth muscle.

These situations refute the thesis of doctors who claim about gastric botox has side effects.

Is Gastric Botox Dangerous?

Since there is no surgical operation, the patient can move easily after the operation is performed.

The “Botulinum toxin” which is injected into the particular regions of the body, can be get rid of from the body after 4-6 months. So, there is no danger of gastric botox which slow down the muscular contraction of the stomach.

Is Gastric Botox Cause Permanent Damage?

Gastric Botox is one of the most preferred methods in the World and our country. The “Botulinum toxin” which is given to the specific regions of the body is a medicine that can be eliminated from the body in 4-6 months.

When the medicine is eliminated from the body, the stomach returns to its normal situation. So, it does not cause any permanent damage.

When Does The Effect Of Gastric Botox Start?

The duration 1-2 days after the gastric botox operation is an adaptation process. When 3 days passed since the operation, the reduction in the feeling of hunger begins and the control of appetite starts. When 1 week passed these feeling reduce completely. This situation continues as long as the given medicine is in the body.

Since the patient adapted to the diet program, he/she keeps losing weight after the effect of the medicine is over.

Who Can Not Have Gastric Botox?

The patients are desired to be aged above 18 even though there is no age limit to perform gastric botox operation.

Besides that, this operation is not applied to individuals who have body mass index 35 and above, pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, has genetic diseases, and obese patients who need or had surgical intervention.

The reason for not applying to pregnant or lactating individuals is that the “Botulinum toxin” drug passes from the mother to the baby through the breast milk or womb with the veins of stomach walls.

Since it is a situation that affects the baby, it is not accepted as suitable. Also, this operation is applied in a way that affects the smooth muscles in the stomach, thus neural or digestive systems are not affected by the gastric botox.

Nevertheless, in individuals who have myopathy or allergy to the botox operation, negative effects may be seen. So, for patients who has problems like these, gastric botox operation is not applied.

How Much Weight Loss with Gastric Botox?

The first aim of gastric botox is, regulating the impaired eating habit. For this, a tough diet and exercise list are made for patients to apply, after the operation is done. If the patient does not apply the diet list, he/she will gain the weight that lost by the medicine effect again in a short time, when the medicine is eliminated from the body.

Generally, in 4-6 months after the intervention, it is aimed for patients to lose 10-20 kilo weight.

The amount of weight loss may change depending on the age, metabolic rate and the frequency of the exercise of the individual.

Is Gastric Botox Has Guarantee for Weight Loss?

There is not any guarantee of the weight loss methods including gastric botox that applied all around the world.

It is a pretty wrong idea to believe in losing weight by applying only one of these methods. To achieve the desired weight, the patients should pay attention to their eating habits after the operation. For this, doctors direct patients to the dietitians and give them exercise lists.

The success rate of weight loss operation increases with making these applications regularly.

Although the given medicine creates a feeling of fullness is a known fact, when individuals do not obey the given diet list and do not do exercise applications the botox operation may fail.

How Long Does The Gastric Botox Operation Take?

Since gastric botox is an intervention performed with the endoscopic operation it can be done approximately in 15-20 minutes.

The patients kept under observation for 1-2 hours and sent home after the application that does not require a stay in hospital. By this means, patients begin to lose weight in a short time by regulating their eating habits.