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Rny gastric bypass surgery is an operation in the scope of metabolic surgery, and it is performed to struggle with obesity. Within the scope of this operation, the stomach divided into two parts as one large as one small.

The small stomach part on the upper side, directly connected with the large bowel, so the stomach volume is reduced. Also, a part of the bowels is disabled. Disabling a part of the bowels means the nutrients taken into the body are directly excreted from the body.

Consequently, gaining weight is also prevented. The patients that had the mentioned operation, live the feeling of fullness with less food, so both their appetite is repressed and the gaining weight is prevented.

In general terms, rny gastric bypass operation is a kind of sleeve gastrectomy operation. Generally, this operation suggested for individuals who can not overcome the weight problem with diets or exercises.

To Whom Is the Rny Gastric Bypass Operation Performed?

Before the sleeve gastrectomy operation, all treatment methods without surgery must be applied to the patient. If the mentioned methods do not yield results, then sleeve gastrectomy or rny gastric bypass operation can be recommended to these patients. So, what conditions are required to recommend the sleeve gastrectomy operation to patients? It is possible to rank them as follows:

  • Achieve no results from the non-surgical methods for obese patients
  • Formation of insulin resistance depending on excess weight
  • Beginning to experience joint disorders
  • Having a body mass index above 40

If the patient has all these conditions, then the rny gastric bypass operation can be suggested.

Why Is RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery Performed?

The life of patients that have over-weight and have health problem due to their weight can become difficult seriously. Even in cases where necessary precautions are not taken, situations that may threaten the life of the patient may occur.

The over-weight patients can have problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, high cholesterol, gastro-oesophagal reflux, infertility, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes, apart from obesity.

If sleeve gastrectomy operation is performed timely, the mentioned disorders can be prevented. Therefore, the risks that the mentioned disorders may be bringing are eliminated. The patients can step into a healthy life by getting rid of both their over-weight and the difficulties that other diseases bring.

How Is RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery Performed?

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery is an operation that performed laparoscopically. In this operation, the pieces of equipment and monitoring tools that will be used in the surgery sent into then little cuts in the stomach.

With the images projected by the monitoring tools on the screen, the surgeon can perform the whole surgery uneventfully. Since it is not an open operation, the operation scars will be quite little in the patient.

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery is performed in two stages. In the first stage of the operation, at the junction of the oesophagus and stomach, the stomach is divided into two parts as one big and one small, and the bigger part is separated by closing. The volume of the smaller stomach bag that has been formed is between 30 and 50 ml on averagely depending on the situation of the patient.

Thus, a new digestive way is created in a patient. The separated parts of the stomach and viscera are not removed from the body of a patient. These parts contribute to the functioning of the digestive system. In short, a big part of the stomach is bypassed in this operation and the patient’s stomach is reduced.

What Are The Advantages Of RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery?

One of the most important advantages of the rny gastric bypass operation is since it is a close operation it does not creates deep surgery scar. The other advantages of the operation can be listed as follows:

  • The amount of consumed food by patient decreases seriously,
  • The patients lose 60-80 % weight averagely in a long term,
  • There is no risk of regaining the weight that patients have lost,
  • Since the patients will feel fullness their appetite will be suppressed,
  • Since the patients will consume less food, they gain less calorie and this is one of the most important factors that prevent gaining weight,
  • Since the patient lost their excess weight, the probable health problems are prevented.

Thanks to all these advantages, the patients leave away the life full of difficulties and pass to the one with more healthy and high self-confidence.

What Are The Disadvantages Of RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery?

As in every surgery, the Rny Gastric Bypass surgery has risks and disadvantages, albeit small. These disadvantages can be listed as follows:

  • On the contrary to the other sleeve gastrectomy operations, in rny gastric bypass surgery, the viscera are also operated, and this increases the complication incidence risk.
  • Since the absorption of the body decreases, a deficiency of some vitamins and minerals may be experienced.
  • Also, the choices for revision operations decreases.

Except for all of that, it is crucial to continue dietary habits and exercises for the patient after the operation.

Is There Any Pain After Rny Gastric Bypass Operation?

Since the cuts are too small in the rny gastric bypass operation, there is less pain in comparison with open gastric surgeries. At the same time, the precautions taken before the operation provide to patient feels less pain after the operation.

Of course, the level of pain may vary depending on the situation of the patient. The patient can return to his/her normal life after a short while from an operation.

The Healing Process After Rny Gastric Bypass Operation

Since the rny gastric bypass operation is a kind of laparoscopic, that is closed, surgery a much faster healing process is experienced compared to open operations. After the operation is performed, the patient is kept under observation with the aim of control for a couple of days, and then he/she is discharged from the hospital if no problems are encountered.

If the patients have problems such as high fever or cramp, these indicate complications and it is required to seek medical advice immediately. If the patient has an active job, the return to work process takes place in line with the doctor’s recommendations.

For example, if the patient’s work is a desk job, the patient can get on with his/her work in 1 week. However, if the patient has a job that patients move actively, then the return to work process may take a month.

How Should Be The Nutrition After Rny Gastric Bypass Operation?

The patients who had a Rny Gastric Bypass Operation should consume only soft foods for a month. Also, it is required to obey the dietary and nutrition program that the doctor prepared, unconditionally.

There is a probability of occurring situations like deficiency of vitamin or mineral due to the decrease of absorption after the operation. Thus, it is possible to apply a food supplement with the doctor recommendation.

Moreover, it is suggested that the patients chew the foods they consume more to facilitate digestion. As long as all this guidance is obeyed, the operation and healing process obtain their aim and conclude in success.

If you want to get detailed information about the operation and learn whether you are appropriate for the operation or not, you can contact us at once. You can get answers to questions in your head, and plan your treatment process.