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Bariatric surgery is a kind of medical treatment that can be administered to obese persons. Obesity which became one of the biggest health problems in the world is generally spread gradually in the developed countries.

There are several reasons for this disease. The number of an obese person is increasing day by day around the world. This current status is the same in our country. Generally, obesity disease is more common in women than men.

In Which Situations The Bariatric Surgery is Applied?

Making the bariatric surgery decision depends on the situation of the patient. Before the bariatric surgery, possible problems that can affect gaining or losing weight of patient are identified. If this situation does not cause any problem, the weight of the patient is checked. If the weight of a person is appropriate to handle the surgery, the surgical operation can be done. It is possible to pull through the obesity with the right treatment methods.

Is There Any Age Limit For Bariatric Surgery?

Obese patients need to be checked for bariatric surgery. This is the only way to perform the surgical intervention. Age is quite important for obesity. To sustain life healthily, obese patients must get rid of obesity disease as soon as possible. However, sometimes the surgical intervention is not the choice for patients. This situation generally arises from age. There is not any problem with performing a surgical intervention for obesity disease between the ages of 18 and 65.

What Are The Risks Of Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is quite hard. Therefore, it is important for patients to control themselves. It includes both physiological and psychological kind of challenges. The patients must be careful after the surgery. They can feel pain for a length of time after the surgery. Also, they can face the limitation of movement in addition to the pain. After a short time, the exercises are done. The patients must watch out for their way of life and what they eat or drink captiously, after the surgery.

How Is The Bariatric Surgery Method Decided?

The decision process of the bariatric surgery method varies according to the patients. There are several methods of surgery. The factors such as the weight, oil ratio, age of the patient can change the course of this situation. After controlling various situations of patients such as health situation, doctors start to decide the appropriate treatment method. In this case, the appropriate surgical intervention method is decided, then the intervention is performed when the patient is ready.


Which Weight Is Appropriate For The Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery depends on the person. The bariatric surgery intervention time and method differ according to the personal features and weight of the patient. Generally, these differences are determined by calculating the body mass index (BMI) by experts. This calculation is as follows:

The person who has BMI between 20-25 is normal weight person
The person who has BMI between 25-30 is an overweight person
The person who has BMI between 30-35 is an obese person
A person who has a BMI of more than 35 is a morbidly obese person.
The intervention is performed regarding this classification.

Who Can Receive Bariatric Surgery Treatment?

Bariatric surgery varies by age, height, weight and state of health. Any person who is aged between 18-65, and who has not a health problem, and who has a body that can afford the surgery, can receive bariatric surgery treatment.

How Is The Nutrition After The Bariatric Surgery?

The life of patients must change after bariatric surgery. Instead of over fatty or over starchy foods, patients should turn to more healthy foods. In addition to this, the patients can increase the impact of the surgical intervention by exercising and changing their lifestyle.

What Are the Types of Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery consists of numerous types such as sleeve gastrectomy, stomach staple, gastric band, gastric plication, gastric bypass.

What Are The Methods Of Bariatric Surgery?

The methods of bariatric surgery vary. In addition to a variety of surgery, assorted exercises, medicines and psychological support can be beneficial to overcome the obesity disease.