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Calculating the body mass index is pretty important. The aim of calculation is to ensure that everything is under control in the bodies of the individuals. People generally want to calculate this to learn whether they have suitable weight or not.

According to the results of the calculations, individuals focus on preserving their weight if they have a suitable weight or gaining weight if they have not suitable weight. In compliance with the calculations, people step in for a healthy diet and life.

The name of body mass index is weight-height index colloquially. During making the calculation, it is calculated by dividing the body mass in kilogram by the square of body height in meter. According to the result, the classification of the weight of individuals is done. This classification which has specific categories is rather important for patients to live a healthy life. However, there is a lack point of these calculations. This point is, it does not indicate the rate of muscle or fat in the body. To learn this muscle or fat ratio, individuals must consult an expert.

Which Body Mass Indexes Are In The Obese Category?

BMI is used as an abbreviation of the body mass index. According to the results of the BMI calculations, categorizations are done. If the result of the BMI calculation of the individuals is above 30 the individual is named as obese. If it is above 40, they named morbid obese. If it is above 50, the individual is named a super obese person. These situations are quite dangerous. The reason for it is that the overweight damages the body seriously.

If the lipoidosis situation which damages the organs and arising from the overweight is not solved, the result of it may be heavy, the later the situation is resolved the damage will be greater. So, individuals should consult a doctor according to their results.

While making a c-body mass index calculation, the considered values are only the weight of the individual (kg) and the height of the individual. Thus, no deep results are obtained during the calculations. In addition to the weight and height of the individuals, the values such as age, gender, body fat rate and waist circumference should be taken into consideration in the calculation of detailed BMI. Therefore, more accurate results are obtained by making detailed operation since the considered values are more. This detailed and Professional calculation should be done by an expert.

According to the values obtained as a result of the body mass index calculations, the individuals who have enough fat accumulation to damage their health should begin to work with an expert to achieve a healthy weight.

While making body mass index calculations, the classification does not do only regarding weight and height. Besides that, a specific categorization is made according to age. This classification is as follows:

  • The ideal result is between 19-24 for individuals aged 19-24
  • The ideal result is between 20-25 for individuals aged 25-34
  • The ideal result is between 21-26 for individuals aged 35-44
  • The ideal result is between 22-27 for individuals aged 45-54
  • The ideal result is between 23-28 for individuals aged 55-64
  • The ideal result is between 24-29 for individuals aged above 65.

The calculation of body mass index changes according to height. This change is as follows:

  • For 150 cm individuals ideal weight is 48 for males, 43 for females
  • For 158 cm individuals ideal weight is 55 for males, 51 for females
  • For 160 cm individuals ideal weight is 57 for males, 52 for females
  • For 162 cm individuals ideal weight is 59 for males, 54 for females
  • For 165 cm individuals ideal weight is 61 for males, 57 for females
  • For 170 cm individuals ideal weight is 66 for males, 61 for females.